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  • Top Quality Diamond Saw Blades for cutting natural stone.
    Top Quality Diamond Saw Blades for cutting natural stone.
    • April 28, 2021

    Top Quality Diamond Saw Blades for cutting natural stone. How to select Diamond Saw Blade? The best diamond saw blades are the the ones designed to cut the stone material you are working with, they will be made according to your requirements. Knowing a bit about the various kinds of diamond blades and what each blade is designed to do will ensure that your choice is a good one.Diamond Saw Blade is made of diamond segments and steel blank. 1), Saw Blade Diameter: We select diameter according to the depth of the stone, needed to be cut, usually the diameter should more than 3 times of the depth. 2), Saw Blade’s Performance: The performance should fit to the stone being cut, it include: diamond intensity, grit, concentration; bond’s hardness, wear resistance; For the stone, we need think of composition, hardness, density and abrasiveness etc. 3), Cutting Condition: a), High speed cutting, such as block cutting, need sharp segments, wide slot blank, strong(thicker) blank, high motor powder; b), High quality cutting, such as slab cutting, need narrow slot, precision machine, and reasonable cutting speed etc. It is very important to select Diamond Saw Blades correctly to get high efficiency, high cutting quality and low cutting cost.

  • Customized Diamond Grinding Tools Diamond Fickert
    Customized Diamond Grinding Tools Diamond Fickert
    • April 29, 2021

    Diamond Grinding Tools (Metal Bond Fickert) used for rough grinding of stone slabs and medium grinding on natural granite and artificial quartz slabs. Diamond fickert is an ideal replacement of traditional silicon carbide abrasives, with which machine-stop and tools-install time can be reduced the working efficiency increased by a great degree. These Diamond Tools can be used on all polishing machines. Diamond Fickerts convenient install on equipment, ensure efficient operation, smooth grinding on stone materials.

  • SANSO Diamond Saw Blade under strict quality control.
    SANSO Diamond Saw Blade under strict quality control.
    • March 30, 2021

    Each piece Diamond Saw Blade under strict quality control before delivery to our client. SANSO Diamond Tools trusted by professionals since 1995, best performance, reasonable price, has established important position in this field.

  • How does Diamond Drilling working?
    How does Diamond Drilling working?
    • April 27, 2021

    What is a Diamond Core Drill Bit? Diamond Core Drill Bit is nickel coated metal circular piece (a tube) with a shank for the drill. The rim of the circular tube is coated with artificial diamond abrasive particles. And these diamond abrasive particles do all the work. Although these tools are called Drill Bits, the main working principle is the grinding action. How to use a Diamond Drill Bit? Diamond Drill is mainly used for Drilling cured concrete, reinforced concrete with steel bars, ceramics, refractory materials, asphalt, block, bricks and all kinds of stones. Diamond Drilling application for a variety of drilling working, from hard concrete to the asphalt, products can achieve maximum performance and meet customers' requirements, high-efficiency. SANSO Diamond Core Drills easily install on equipment, sharp segments make drilling work more quick, very high efficiency. Size Customized, OEM Service Welcomed.

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